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Inside a Michelin star: Álbora, Madrid

Gastronomic Restaurant

Welcome to Albora: Cuisine, high quality products and respect for seasonal flavors. Raw materials selected in optimum time of consumption. Reliable suppliers. Cellar with over 600 references. Different environments. private room We offer two ways to enjoy gastronomy: BAR and RESTAURANT cozy TERRACE

Text from Albora Restaurant

Last Friday, I had the chance to try a 1 ⭐️ Michelin Restaurant in Madrid. It consisted of 10 courses!!! You cannot imagine how full I ended up 😅

When writing this entry, I thought that describing each one would be too long and boring. So I’ll just share some of them:


Veal rasher with ratatouille
Anchovie eclair
Tomato and mozarella parmentier

These super tiny and cute appetizers were good but nothing that I couldn’t have somewhere else.

Plus, my cousin and her friend (who came all the way from China) found the taste of the parmentier too strong. I think they may be not accustomed to cheese.

Venison loin, black chanterelles sauce and glazed chestnuts

Ok, this was my first time tasting venison loin. I really had mixed fealings, jeje…

In the end, it was not that bad but it was a bit strong. Like soaked in some kind of wine for too long and chewy.




Pheasant raviolis

I wanted to show you them because, they just resembled chinese food.

Again, common but tasty.





Finally, my favourite part, dessert!!!

Chocolate, pumpkin, caramel and almond

In fact, there were 2 desserts and when we finished the first one, my cousin wanted to pay and leave… 🙈 (she was truly tired)

Let’s go to the point. The chocolate was creamy and dulcet. Adding an unusual twist by using pumpkin.


After eating all the 10 courses, my cousin and I reached a conclusion: the chef may have been inspired by Asia (?)

Why are we saying this? Well, the thing is, most of the dishes had a “touchª of asian cuisine. For example, the use of seaweeds, the marinating technique, the sauces, etc.

*Next time I’d just ask, well, if I have the chance.

And the big question, do I (we) recommend this restaurant?  Yes but no.

Let me explain, if you want to try something different from Spanish cuisine, you can definitely try it out. However, if you are familiar with real Chinese cuisine and want to experience something “new, original or surprising” you’d look for another restaurant.

PD: I forgot to mention the service. All I can say is that all the waiters were very attentive, explaining each dish and asking how we found the food.

Link to the restaurant:

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