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El Perro y La Galleta, Madrid

For those who follow me on Instagram, you may have realised that I posted a photo of this restaurant: El perro y la Galleta, which literally means:

The dog and the Cookie 🐶🍪

It’s located near Parque del Retiro, the atmosphere is calm, informal and even a bit lively. The inside is very bright because of the large windows and there’re dogs’ paintings hanging on walls!

Back to our main topic, the food is not only nicely assembled (or instagramable, jajaj) but also super TASTY.  Here is what I ordered:





1. Bread + Aperitif (If I remember correctly, it was Gazpacho, typical Andalusian tomato soup)IMG_1322







2. Ravioli made with wonton dough and filled with chicken and parmentier






3. My favourite: dessert ‘Tarta de la abuela‘ (Grandma’s cake), a layered cake of maria’s cookies in a glass.

For the filling, I’m not sure but I think it was choco-caramel or something super creamy.




Last but not least, the service. In general, it was good although there was one waitress that ignored my friends and I a couple of times even though there weren’t so many people…

*Tip: I advise you to book in advance! They have different ‘rooms’ but the tables are filled quickly…

Link to the restaurant:

PD: I would appreciate any comments!!! Do you like it or prefer me to point out other things?

1 thought on “El Perro y La Galleta, Madrid”

  1. I went there a second time and I have to say the food is SO GOOD! My boyfriend and I had the sirloin and the breaded chicken stripes. We also ordered the “Tarta de la Abuela”. I’d absolutely recommend anything from the menu, specially the sirloin. Even though it’s the most expensive dish available, it’s worthy of trying.

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