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La Guardia, La Rioja


Sorry that it took so long but with no Internet at home these weeks and starting my last year at university… You can imagine what’s been like.

Let’s go the point, today I want to show you La Guardia, a small village in La Rioja, famous Spanish region for its wine.

What to see?

  • Plaza Mayor Clock with dolls

It is a sign of this village’s identity: it points the start of the local festivities of San Juan, on the 23rd of June.

The clock is formed by a “El Cachimorro” and 2 dancers wearing tradional clothes.

  • Santa Maria de los Reyes Church

It is located at the north of the town and was build up through different periods. It was started in the Romanesque style and finished in a Gothic style.

  • The lift

Yes, there’s a huge lift in the village! This allows you to avoid going on a detour to get to the upper part of the town and also to see some of the vineyards and wineries that surround the municipality.

Moreover, I personally really like its design: green glass with brown and green steel. Somehow it reminds me of a tree.

  • Wineries

These are obvious ones, because all over La Rioja boasts with prestigious wineries, the majority accept guided visits to their facilities. Don’t forget to book in advance!


Where to eat?

I usually eat in Logroño and then go by car to La Guardia, so I haven’t tried any local restaurants yet. Sorry guys!

But I do have some in mind: Restaurante Castillo El Collado, El Portico,Villa-Lucía …



I highly recommend you take a little detour to contemplate the incredible reddish natural scenario that Autumn brings to the wineries and camps. Specially alongside the road from Logroño to La Guardia.

PS: These photos were taken last year

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